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#HireAmyVolume: Unemployment, Day 12.

This will be quick as it’s Easter Sunday & too beautiful out to sit on my duff and blog. Actually, this blog post is an attempt to encourage you to get out and explore your neighbourhood!

I should have known that a name like “Brookside” would be genuinely attributed to some sort of creek – so Elvis and I set out on our merry way!! Walking down a dirt path instead of the paved paths we usually…

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Record Store Day grabs: Bon Iver & Slayer. Yeah I did!!


Human fish and the 10-stone toddler: the weird world of British Pathé

British Pathé has uploaded 3,500 hours of historic footage to YouTube. Stephen Moss dives into the archive and discovers the mind-boggling strangeness of our recent past. Read more


#HireAmyVolume: Day 10 of Unemployment

#HireAmyVolume: Day 10 of Unemployment

I was let go on Friday, April 4th – following a Saturday through Wednesday work schedule – that puts me at… Day 10 of Unemployment! Sorry, it’s hard to keep track, so I’m thinking “out loud” here.

I’m also hopped up on antihistamines ever so hoping this illness I’ve contracted is just some sort of fleeting allergy.

As promised, I am keeping track of my experience as an unemployed professional…

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#HireAmyVolume: Day 8 of Unemployment

I have seen more concerts, friends, family and have been having the time of my life being unemployed.

Thank you for your support, whether it’s retweeting a hashtag, sending me a lovely message via Facebook or email, or hiring me for your events – the support and love coming at me from all angles is what keeps me going.

It’s what I love about Ottawa, and what I love about radio.

While it hurts…

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Photographers Who Documented Gentrifying Landscape of New York City Revisit Same Locations Ten Years Later


The truth: Yesterday, I was let go from my full time radio job. You often hear bands say “Yeah, we split due to Creative Differences” – and you think, “Yah right… Someone’s a horrible drug addict,” or “Someone slept with someone’s wife,” or “blah blah blah.”

When I tell you that my station and I split due to Creative Differences – I’m tellin’ the TRUTH!

If you know me, you’ll know just how true that is!

That being said, I am in need of work. Serious, full time, awesome, soul feeding work! Happy to bartend on the side – if you are in the know, have any leads or need an MC (or bartender). Don’t hesitate to contact me via:

Facebook: Amy Volume
Twitter: @amyvolme

GOOD MUSIC: 10th Ottawa Community Record Show

GOOD MUSIC: 10th Ottawa Community Record Show



Off The Beaten Track presents the 10th Ottawa Community Record Show, Sunday, April 6th at St. Anthony’s Hall. Ton of Killer, NO FILLER, LPs & CDs. Your chance to dig for rare gems and scour for deals on great music from every genre.

The 10th Ottawa Community Record Show, Sunday, April 6th from 11 AM to 4 PM at St.…

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